Kronosurus Kornre Lesson Kit Kronosurus Kornre Lesson Kit

Kronosaurus Korner offers a variety of engaging learning experiences for primary and secondary students. Lesson kits for Years K-10 students include topics from the Science area of the Australian Curriculum. These topics are creatively blended with unique themes relating to fossils from Australia’s ancient Eromanga Sea.


Some lessons are suited for learning within the classroom while others are designed to accompany excursions to Kronosaurus Korner.


Please click the links below for access to the free lesson kits:


Foundation Year Lesson Kit - ancient animals moved differently based on their shape and size.

Year 1 Lesson Kit - ancient animals had a variety of external features.

Year 2 Lesson Kit -  materials like plaster can be mixed together for specific purposes, such as casting fossils.

Year 3 Lesson Kit - living, once-living and non-living things can be grouped together based on their features.

Year 4 Lesson Kit - living things from the Eromanga Sea depended on their enivornment and each other for survival.

Year 5 Lesson Kit - ancient living things like ammonites had adaptations for survival in their environment.

Year 6 Lesson Kit - sudden geological events, like asteroid impacts, have changed the Earth's surface

Year 7 Lesson Kit energy transfer between organisms from the Eromanga Sea can be viewed as food chains and webs.

Year 8 Lesson Kit - metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks are formed by different processes over time.

Year 9 Lesson Kit plate tectonics are responsible for continental movement over geological time.

Year 10 Lesson Kit - the diversity of living things is a result of evolution by natural selection

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