Winton Local Attractions Winton Local Attractions

Winton Shire is the place for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages to visit. There are several locations to experience these amazing ancient giants.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History

This new andAAOD preparators with Matilda hip bone attention-grabbing museum of natural history is just 24km south east of Winton, off the Longreach Road, and offers spectacular views from The Jump-Up.  Hourly guided tours show visitors the world's largest collection of unique Australian dinosuar fossils and the most productive fossil preparation laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere.  For a more hands-on experience, the Australian Age of Dinosaurs conducts three week-long digs per year.  There are also opportunities to learn how to prepare dinosaur fossils ready for scientific study and then display.  To tour, dig or prep, please visit the the Australian Age of Dinosaurs website for more information.

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument at Lark Quarry Conservation Park

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, Winton ShireTravel back in time 95 million years with a visit to Dinosaur Stampede National Monument, situated 110km from Winton along the Jundah road. This site is the world's only recorded evidence of a dinosaur stampede. Dinosaur Stampede is the inspiration behind stampede scene in Steven Spielberg's movie Jurassic Park. Viewing the Trackways is by guided tour only, so please contact Australian Age of Dinosaurs for tour times. For further information about Dinosaur Stampede National Monument, visit the website at

For further information regarding your visit to Winton, including other attractions and accommodation, please visit or contact the Winton Visitor Information Centre.

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