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Hughenden Hughenden

FlindFlinders Shire Council Logoers Shire is situated approximately half way between the cities of Townsville and Mount Isa and is named after Queensland's longest river - the Flinders River. The Flinders Shire is divided by the Flinders Highway - now known as the popular tourist drive ‘Overlander's Way'. The Flinders Highway runs east and west through the Kennedy Developmental Road - which runs north and south through the Flinders Shire. Encompassing the townships of Hughenden, Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford, Flinders Shire has become a major hub for transports and travellers alike.

Lt. Stokes of the "Beagle" discovered the Flinders River on July 30, 1841. In 1863 Ernest Henry was the first person in this area to select a pastoral holding which he named "Hughenden Station" after his Grandfather's Tudor Manor in Buckinghamshire, England. It was from this station the township of Hughenden took its name, however it was not officially surveyed until 1867.

The Flinders Shire has a population of 1,871 residents. Its main industries are cattle and sheep
grazing and tourism. The Shire has three prominent geological features. Porcupine Gorge in the
north, the Flinders River which winds from the White Mountains in the north-east through to the west of the Shire. The Shire was also part of a Great Inland Sea and is the centre of Dinosaur Country - home to many fossils including the great Muttaburrasaurus and the Queensland Pterosaur.

The Shire has four different bio-regions with ever-changing eco systems including the Desert
Uplands, Einasleigh Uplands, Mitchell Grass Downs and a small portion of Gulf Plains.
The Shire welcomes over 15,000 visitors annually through the accredited Visitor Information Centre, The Flinders Discovery Centre. This Centre houses a full skeletal replica of a Muttaburrasaurus as well as the Porcupine Gorge Light and Sound Show, Shearing the Stragglers display and other fossil and gem collections with some historical memorabilia and much more.

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Flinders Shire Council
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Hughenden, QLD 4821
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Website: www.flinders.qld.gov.au
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